Material Management Support

Company tailored Services - A specific plan for each company and location to streamline  Inventory and material management.


Inventory Management & Control - We will work to Solve inventory control issues. Helping to keep parts Supplied & Organized, Preventing Over or Under Purchasing


Mobile Kits - The Right parts and tools for the job, on site, mobilized with your technicians Custom Kits & Job Specific Kits-Design the perfect Kit for the job or Choose and/or Taylor one Designed by the QC Experts


Replenishment - Replenishment services and Delivery.  Receive scheduled Re-Supply of Kits & Parts, Materials, Units & Supply Rooms as your requirements dictate.


 Purchasing Services - What you want when you need it. No need for Staff to source Best price. No wasted Time Dealing With Suppliers.


Custom Purchasing - Our Experienced Purchasing Staff have the Diligence, Knowledge, and Connections to deliver your Hard to Find parts & devices to your hands.


Personalization & Flexibility - Quantum Connections provides personal contact and flexibility tailored to suit your company needs.


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“Imagine having the parts you Need in the hands of your technicians at all times. Imagine the Time & Money your company would save.”
 Stop Imagining.


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