Mobile Inventory is the answer

The Future of Materials management is.  “Just in time”, Inventory.

Mobile Inventory - Mobile Kits and Materials Units. The Right parts and tools for the job, on site, mobilized with your technicians.
Replenishment services
Delivery: Receive scheduled Re-Supply Parts, Materials Units & Supply Rooms as your requirements dictate.
Inventory Organization: We will work to Solve inventory control issues, keeping parts supplied & organized. Preventing over or Under Purchasing, handling  loss
Custom Purchasing: Our Experienced Purchasing Staff have the Diligence, Knowledge, and Connections to deliver Hard to Find parts into your hands.
Imagine having the Needed parts in the hands of your technicians at all times. Imagine the Time & Money your company would save. Stop Imagining. Get Connected

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Materials Management Support is the provision of resources to support Purchasing, Production and Maintenance operations. Quantum Connections accomplishes this through individualized service plans for replenishing inventory and consumables, providing Kited parts, Mobile inventory and sourcing hard to find or special order parts. Our programs are designed to improve organization and efficiency and reduce un-billable hours


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